Midwest Data Center is committed to providing automatic, secure, and remote backup service for your business computers.

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With Midwest Data Center's Zipup Backup remote backup service

Your computer backups are Secure

Zipup Backup offers various Encryption Standards.

  • DES--The old US Federal Standard
  • TDES--A much more secure form of DES
  • Blowfish--It uses a key length that is variable from four bits to 448 bits.
  • AES--The new US Federal Standard. Zipup Backup supports three levels of AES from 128 bits to 256 bits. 256 bit AES is very secure, but it is also slow.

Backups are encrypted to protect your business data while it is transported and while it is stored away from your business.

YOU control the encryption key! Your backups cannot be viewed by anyone except you.

Each backup transmission is verified to protect data integrity. Each file is checked after it is transferred so that it is clear that the stored file was transferred correctly.

Midwest Data Center file servers use the Linux operating system which has been shown to be highly resistant to viruses and other computer malware.

Businesses that just use a simple copy of each file may be exposed to risk, particularly when these files are copied onto portable media.

However with Zipup Backup, your backups are secure!