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Data Farm

Individual: Separate Zipup Backup Managers and separate storage pools

Office Plan configuration
Individual configuration

Office Plan : Install and operate like the individual plan, but for extra savings billed for a single storage pool plus flat fee for additional Managers

Mapped configuration

Need to back up more than 1 computer?

Configurations and the "Office Plan"

When setting up your backup service in a multi-computer office, consider:

 1) Economy - One Zipup Backup Manager is included with the service fee and it can backup any number of computers that are mapped to it. Alternatively each computer can have its own Zipup Backup Manager.

Adding an extra Zipup Backup Managers to an account costs an additional $50 per year. Increasing the pool of storage space is relatively inexpensive.

 2) Privacy - The files to be backed up must be visible to the computer that has the Zipup Backup Manager. If it is acceptable for all the computers in the office to be mapped to the computer with the Zipup Backup Manager, then only one Manager is needed. Otherwise, a Zipup Backup Manager need to be installed on each computer.

 3) Convenience - All backups must be from the computer with the Zipup Backup Manager. All restores must be made from the same Zipup Backup Manager that backed it up. All computers must be available and mapped at the time the backup is scheduled. The user who installed the Manager must be logged in at the time the backup is scheduled to run. If one computer meets these needs for the entire office, then only one Zipup Backup Manager is needed, otherwise, additional Zipup Backup Managers need to be installed.

 4) Computer Type - We recommend all laptops have their own Zipup Backup Manager. Desktop computers can share a Zipup Backup Manager if they can be mapped together. The Zipup Backup Manager must be installed on a computer with Windows operating system. Other types of computers can be backed up and restored as long as they can be mapped to a computer that has a Manager.

Mapped: Use a Zipup Backup Manager to backup up any computers that are mapped to it