Midwest Data Center is committed to providing automatic, secure, and remote backup service for your business computers.

Midwest Data Center

Granville, Ohio

Phone: +1 (740) 920-4061

Data Farm

You (and/or your computer consultant) have the tools you need to check if your files are backing up as scheduled.

The staff at Midwest Data Center also monitors your backups. We will contact you if we observe a problem with your backups.

With Midwest Data Center's Zipup Backup remote backup service

Your computer backups are Monitored

Sadly, many businesses try to access backed up files after a computer failure only to learn that their backups had not run recently.

However with Zipup Backup, your backups are monitored!

After each backup, an email is sent out. This email can be sent to you and/or your computer consultant. The email includes a note if there are exceptions or warnings in the backup.

Each backup is also logged and you can see the complete listing of all the files that are considered for backup and whether that file was included in that backup.

The backed up files can be viewed within the restore screen at any time.