Data Farm

Backups must exist before they can restore your data

Backups must encrypt to protect data integrity and ensure privacy

Backups must store off-site but be instantly retrievable

Backups must be monitored so it's there when a restore is needed

Our Remote Computer Backup Service

Protects your data from...

Viruses, theft, failed disks, fire, flood, spilled coffee, accidental damage, unintended deletion, etc.

Midwest Data Center is committed to providing automatic, secure, and remote backup service for your business computers.

Midwest Data Center

Phone: +1 (740) 920-4061


Backup weekly, daily or hourly with set and forget controls
Choose files based on file extension or file location
Save multiple versions of files
Setup full, incremental or differential backups
Schedule backups to occur unattended during “off hours”
Backup only the changed bits in large files or databases


Every file is encrypted before transfer
Private encryption key so only you can read your data
Storage servers use the Linux operating system


Even if your office is destroyed, your data files are safe
Restore your data immediately -- to a new or repaired computer


Backups stopped by system changes and software updates are detected
Receive confirmation emails after each backup

Zipup Backup

Granville, Ohio