Midwest Data Center is committed to providing automatic, secure, and remote backup service for your business computers.

Midwest Data Center

Granville, Ohio

Phone: +1 (740) 920-4061

  • Backup weekly, daily or hourly with set and forget controls
  • Save multiple versions of files
  • Setup full, incremental or differential backups
  • Backup only the changed bits in large files or database
  • Choose files based on file extension or file location
Zipup Backup Manager

With Midwest Data Center's Zipup Backup remote backup service

Your computer backups are Automated

Zipup Backup Scheduler
Data Farm

No need to remember to backup your data or where you put the CD with your backed up files.

With Zipup Backup, your backups are automated!

The Zipup Backup Manager can be set up to automatically start, select the files that have changed since the last backup and process these files for backup.

Typically businesses choose to schedule their backups to occur at the end of each day.

Scheduling the backup is easy using the Zipup Backup scheduler. Different backupsets can be specified if files need to backed up on different schedules or if a different backup type is needed.